Local SEO Services Vocabulary

Local SEO services are those that are provided to help your website get found easier online in search engines. For the sake of this discussion, particularly in Google My Business (GMB).

Keyword research is a service provided to find keywords or key phrases that searchers use to find your website. For example, “Orthodontics near me”, would be a key phrase used to find Orthodontists near where the “searcher”, lives, who is typing in the Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines.

Website Audit is a service we provide to look over your site to see how it might fair in bringing in new organic traffic from Google.

Google My Business (GMB) profile setup and optimization is a service we provide to help you show up in the Google Map Pack or 3 Pack. Depending on the keywords chosen, this may be easy or it could be very difficult if there is a lot of competition for the keyword.

Citations and Business Listings are sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and others that potential clients might visit to find your services. These sites are important because Google relies on them to know that your business is legitimate. Your business must be setup exactly the same way in these sites as it is in Google My Business, otherwise, your site will never show on GMB.

On-page Content Optimization means your onsite information must be optimized so that Google knows exactly what it is about and so Google will look at your site as an authority. This could be for a blog, or just articles that are displayed on your website.

Monthly Reporting – We will provide you monthly reporting so you can see your progress and know what is happening with these services.

If you buy the Advanced Local SEO Gold package, you will also get what is called DA Links. These are Domain Authority links. This means your site will be referenced by sites that already have high domain authority, or sites that Google already considers authoritative. This goes a long way to push your site up in the search engine results, and make your site an authority site as well.

With the Avanced Local SEO Gold package, you will also get the Monthly Executive Reporting. Every month we will make available for you an updated report that details all the links, keywords and URL’s that we’ve created for you through the outreach efforts. We provide all the information you need in total transparency so you are sure that your investment is working for you.

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